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The African Woman Foundation

Providing Water For Africa
TAWF Is working for the African Water Crisis
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The African Woman Foundation

The African woman Foundation was established on a simple principle and belief that the African girl, who grows to be the African woman of tomorrow, must be treated with dignity and deserves equal opportunities to succeed in life. We hold the belief that everyone has a responsibility to make this become a reality.

About T A W F

The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) is a charity formed to advocate the rights of the African Girl and Woman, socially and economically,to guarantee her independence and dignity.The TAWF realizes the woman in Africa is trapped socially and economically. This, in turn, robs them of the rights to make life-altering decisions,independently, which include sexual and reproductive health. 

In poverty, the African woman is more at risk of physical and sexual abuse violence.The Foundation works towards creating a better life for the African woman that can only be achievable with education,with empowerment.

Our Core Objective

The financial support and product contributions of individuals, organizations, and companies makes our work possible. T A W F recognizes that each contribution represents a judgment of trust in our ability to help people, and we are highly appreciative of every bit of support that we receive.

Our Success

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Women Helped

All over the world women and girls daily suffer all sorts of abuse. Sexual abuse, Sexual violence, harassment and worse even death. In some countries women are less valued than men. In some cultures men equate women to their live stock. Women & girl’s especially in Africa still live under gender oppression and only valued for sex and child bearing.



At TAWF we hold a firm belief that the value of women should never be in sex or child bearing, But in what they can achieve when educated, independent and empowered to contribute to society. It is the reason we are committed and dedicated to supporting the African girl child into education in order to for them to realize their true value


At TAWF  we value the education of women and girls in Africa,  and are committed in  supporting  their education and aiding them to achieve their professional dreams through sponsorship. We believe that educated women are armed and fully equipped to deal with marginalization and gender oppression. They become  advocates  of change in their communities


Water, the source of life, is a scarce and limited commodity and remains a major concern in general for African populations. Our country is not on the sidelines of this situation. In Africa, the scarcity of this natural resource is mainly due to a declining and uncertain rainfall, also due to the presence of crystalline rocks. We at TAWF realize the importance of clean water. We are committed to providing clean water through sinking of Wells for easy access to ensure the African women and girls don’t travel long unsafe distances to access this valuable commodity.

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