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The African Woman Foundation

An African woman’s reproductive rights are not respected

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A SOCIAL worker Joseph Moyo says women once married are expected to complete a man’s manhood identity by bearing him children.

Moyo notes that African women have to be forced into having sex even when they don’t want to and yet if the demand it they are seen as being promiscuous and morally unsound.

Moyo, president of The African Woman Foundation (TAWF), said his research findings show that an African woman’s reproductive rights are not respected.

“In our research: ‘Child bearing: Infertility and the African Woman’, we – as TAWF – have discovered that when the African woman is married she is expected to bear children for the ‘man.’ She is expected to do it for the man to complete the man’s identity and manhood. An African man only feels complete when the wife he marries is able to fall pregnant and bear children for him,” he said. “This leaves the African woman vulnerable and unable to make her own decisions on when to get pregnant and how many children she may want to have, despite that the woman is the one to be pregnant. She is the one to suffer for nine months and give birth, but sadly this life altering decision is never hers to make, but rather left for the alpha male to decide on her behalf. The African woman is totally degraded to a mere recipient of a man’s decisions even when those decisions have life threatening implications on her. It’s time the African woman is given a chance to have a say about critical matters of reproductive
health and sexual decisions.” 

Read this Full Article at News Site : https://www.themastonline.com/2019/11/13/an-african-womans-reproductive-rights-are-not-respected-moyo

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