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An educated women can’t be easily abused, held ‘hostage’ in marriage – Moyo

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EDUCATION is a lethal weapon for women not to be held hostage by men who in most cases view them as objects of sexual pleasure, says a social worker Joseph Moyo.

And Life for a 24-year-old trainee public health nurse Brainess Chilungo who was forced to be a maid so as to raise funds for her tertiary education is what late Bob Marley once sung in ‘Coming from the Cold: ‘Why do you look so sad and forsaken, when one door is closed, don’t you know another is open.’

In an interview, Moyo, who is the founder of The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) and president of the Lifestyle Health Foundation, said many young women in tertiary education are forced in sex work to finance their education.

“I speak from a vantage point because I have interacted with a lot of young women…in total we have 25 Zambians young women around the country that we as TAWF are supporting…. I speak from the mountain and

not from the valley, but first you have to go down into the valley and interact with the vulnerable girls and young women and come back to the mountain and speak out,” he said.

“Many women across Africa have been sending messages to our website, all speaking the same language. I have messages not only from Zambia, but Sudan, Madagascar, Egypt, Angola and Nigeria which is by far the worst in terms of abuses to young women in colleges and universities. The only way is to make education free. If women are educated, they

get to be armed with a lethal weapon that can be used to fight back anybody who may want to hold them hostage,” Moyo said.

He said that an educated women or young girl cannot be easily abused or held ‘hostage’ in marriage.

Read the Complete article at News Site : https://www.themastonline.com/2020/02/17/an-educated-women-cant-be-easily-abused-held-hostage-in-marriage-moyo

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