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The African Woman Foundation

Moyo advises women to avoid sending their nude pictures to men

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A SOCIAL worker has advised women against sharing their nude or explicit pictures to men.

In interview, Joseph Moyo, who is the founder of The African Woman Foundation (TAWF), said some men were in the habit of collecting women’s explicit pictures and treating them as ‘trophies.’

“The African Women Foundation (TAWF) has discovered that there are men who demand naked photos from women as a sign of love and dedication to them. Some women have many times given in to such demands or requests with the hope to show such men how far they are willing to demonstrate the depth of their love for them,” he said.

“Many women have even snapped their own private parts at the request or demand of these men and sent the pictures to them. What is even more perplexing is that some of the photos are sent to men who these women have never met in person, except online,” Moyo said.

Read this Full Article at News Site : https://www.themastonline.com/2020/01/01/moyo-advises-women-to-avoid-sending-their-nude-pictures-to-men

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