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The African Woman Foundation

Our Vision

Homes For Every Women

The vision of The African Woman Foundation is to have homes, communities, and nations, where every African girl and woman have freedom to be who they are and can be; where the African girl and woman is able to express themselves, use their voices, and make decisions that impact their lives freely.

A society in which neither woman nor girl is abused and treated as a second-class citizen. A society where the value of the African girl and woman is not tied to a man, nor to sex and childbearing, but in what she can contribute to society as a human being. We believe the African girl and woman should not be a pastime chewing gum for a man, but an empowered, independent human being.

We envision an Africa, where a room is created on the social and economic ladder for the woman to realize her potential without limitations. While violence against girls, who are the women of tomorrow, is a pandemic world over especially in poorer countries, The African woman Foundation is focusing more on the African woman and girl child.In Africa, violence against women has been unique due to some customs, traditions and certain religious practices that favor the male dominance over the woman. We believe we can end this by fighting from the homes, family, and communities onwards to the global level.We advocate an end to violence against women and girls. The African man needs to change how he treats the African woman and girl.

Our Mission

The African woman Foundation was established on a simple principle and belief that the African girl, who grows to be the African woman of tomorrow, must be treated with dignity and deserves equal opportunities to succeed in life. We hold the belief that everyone has a responsibility to make this become a reality.

We are dedicated to changing the way the African society treats its girls and women by inspiring both the African man and the African woman to become advocates and agents of change, starting in their homes, families, communities, and nations at large.

We are committed to addressing the challenges the African Girl and Woman experience in their daily life and the burdens they bear, by breaking all complicated chains that continue to make her live under gender hostage and oppression.