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The African Woman Foundation


All over the world women and girls daily suffer all sorts of abuse. Sexual abuse, Sexual violence, harassment and worse even death. In some countries women are less valued than men. In some cultures men equate women to their live stock. Women & girl’s especially in Africa still live under gender oppression and only valued for sex and child bearing.

We have seen and heard how some prominent men have taken pride to the fact they have groped women on their private parts. The behavior of seeing women as men’s toys must come to an end. Through The African woman Foundation (TAWF) my wishes are to see a world where no girl or woman has to live under gender oppression A world free of all forms of abuse and violence Against girls and women. Where the African woman and girl is not viewed as an object of man’s sexual gratification.

We believe how the boy child is raised today is what lays the foundation of how he will treat the woman tomorrow when he a full grown man.We advocate for a world were the value of every woman is NOT in home care, sex and child bearing. But in what she can do when empowered and independent to contribute to society. We invite you to come on board as we make a difference for the women and girls today, tomorrow and the future.

Joseph Moyo