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Place women’s value in what they can do in the boardroom instead of bed

AFRICAN Freedom Day should mark the end to women having their value placed in what they can do in bed, says Joseph Moyo. And Moyo, …

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An African woman’s reproductive rights are not respected

A SOCIAL worker Joseph Moyo says women once married are expected to complete a man’s manhood identity by bearing him children. Moyo notes that African …

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Some parents send underage daughters into marriages to escape poverty

PARENTS find it irresistible to send their underage daughters into marriages as this is seen as the only escape route out of poverty, says a …

Tawf in News

Moyo advises women to avoid sending their nude pictures to men

A SOCIAL worker has advised women against sharing their nude or explicit pictures to men. In interview, Joseph Moyo, who is the founder of The …

Tawf in News

Women’s value should never be limited to sex and childbearing, says Moyo

WOMEN’S value should not be limited in sex or bearing children, says Joseph Moyo. Congratulating newly appointed BoZ deputy governor Rekha Mhango, Moyo, who is …