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Women’s value should never be limited to sex and childbearing, says Moyo

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WOMEN’S value should not be limited in sex or bearing children, says Joseph Moyo.

Congratulating newly appointed BoZ deputy governor Rekha Mhango, Moyo, who is the founder of The African Woman Foundation (TAWF), commended the central bank for showing confidence in Mhango, describing her as a qualified African woman who deserves the position.

“This is commendable, we take cognisance that this is only a drop in the ocean in terms of gender parity and equity for all women. This global problem is shown by the December 17 World Economic Gender Parity Report of 2019 stating that gender parity is 99.5 years away from being achieved,” he said.

“We find ourselves asking why it should take 99.5 years to reach gender parity. The answer lies in the fact that men are in control and are not willing to allow women take over political and boardroom control. They look at women as sex and child bearing objects, but as TAWF argue, women should not always deputise men, we say that women’s value should not be limited to sex and child bearing,” Moyo said.

Read this Full Article at News Site : https://www.themastonline.com/2019/12/23/womens-value-should-never-be-limited-to-sex-and-childbearing-says-moyo

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